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PR & Advertising

Based on the core ViciDocs ECM framework, a powerful, tailor-made solution has been developed that is extremely relevant for Public Relations Companies, Advertising Agencies, large advertisers, Media Monitoring Agencies and other organizations that are required to do systematic Media Monitoring.


The solutions includes a powerful News Clip Capture module that can be used across multiple locations to capture news clips from various publications to a centralized repository. Apart from capture, the module lets users define core attributes like Publication Name, Edition, Date of Publication, headline, Page Number, Size of the clip (in Column-Cm or Sq Cm) etc.


The salient aspects of the Vicisoft solution are:

  • Distributed Capture for capturing News Clips:

  • Support for Electronic media

  • Masthead Support

  • Logical organization of News Clips

  • Automatic notifications and User Specific Dashboards

  • Powerful Search and Retrieval Mechanism

  • Media Coverage Analysis and Reports:

Some of our prestigious customers


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