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Our Story

We derive the name of our company from the famous quote attributed to Julius Caesar who apparently said “veni  vidi vici” meaning “I came; I saw and I conquered”. This is how our own story of conquest unfolded:

Veni (I came)

In 2000, four highly educated individuals came together. They had a great vision about the way companies should handle the rising piles of information all around them. The time companies could ignore this problem was over and a new era had to be started.


Vidi (I saw)

With new technologies becoming available, they saw the opportunity to help companies battling the challenges of unstructured information. With smart use of processing power and business methodologies they designed a Document Management System.


 Vici (I conquered)

Over the years, they’ve conquered the battle of unlocking information for Enterprises with the Vicisoft product suite. The high-end solutions offer companies all the tools needed to get a handle on all the information, manage the information flow and deliver the right information at the right time, place and the right medium.”

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