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Quality Managment Solution (QMS)


How does your customer know what to expect from your company?

Will the customer get exactly the same service when they use your service again?

Does every employee knows what you expect from them and when?


These are some of the reasons for implementing work processes to structure your organisation and guarantee the standard quality of output. To show your customer what quality they can expect you can certify your company by complying with international or industry specific standards like ISO, MoReq2 and Sarbanes–Oxley.


To ensure all your employees know what is expected from them and what the working standards are, you can use a Quality Management System (QMS). The system has the collection of business processes focused on achieving your quality policy and quality objectives. It is expressed as the organizational structure, policies, procedures, processes and resources needed to implement quality management.


With our Vicisoft QMS you know for sure that your employees have access to the latest version of the relevant procedure for them valid work process. If the standards body or authority audits your company, you can produce transparent reports on your work processes.

Can be used for compliance with

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