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Healthcare & Medical


Healthcare providers, medical colleges, research institutes etc. need to ensure high-quality patient care while containing costs. A vital part of this is the ability to effectively manage the millions of documents and images spread out across healthcare organizations that comprise patient records and other critical documents.


This diverse, distributed content - required for decision-making by numerous professionals and staffers in the organization - may not be available when needed or may be out-of-date or inconsistent.


ViciDocs ECM enables organizations to address these challenges by providing a single system to capture, manage, store, and securely distribute patient information including medical records and diagnostic results. With ViciDocs ECM, physicians and healthcare professionals gain immediate, secure, Web-based access - even in remote locations. Our solution can store all kinds of images. Additionally, relationships can be drawn between content items and electronic medical records, enabling staff to get a complete view of the patient spanning organizational boundaries.


Some of our prestigious customers


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