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ViciForms AFP


ViciForms AFP is our distributed form processing and capturing solution which includes the world leading Abbyy engine that automates data extraction from paper forms.


Forms which have inputs of different types (hand printed, machine printed, barcode, OMR etc.) can be automatically recognized and verified through with ViciForms AFP. Save time and avoid input errors with this intelligent solution which can export the validated data easily to other systems.


Rich scanning features which include multipage creation, barcode enabled routing of documents to folders etc.

Key benefits

#1: Fast data processing


#2: Save data entry cost


#3: Avoid input errors


#4: Advanced data recognition


#5: Data export to XML

How it works

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Case studies

Amity University


Axiom Telecom


ViciForms AFP - Solution Diagram


ViciForms AFP - Feature List 


ViciForms AFP - Capture your information

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