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Business Process Outsourcing (BPO)


Typically non-voice Business Process Outsourcing provides need to process documents which are located in a region different from the processing centre. This requires a system to manage the entire document flow - from capturing the documents, routing them to appropriate agents, displaying them for processing and monitoring the productivity of agents and the status of documents.


ViciDocs ECM for BPO, a version of Vicisoft’s Enterprise suite, is ideal for these requirements. Its features include:

  • A light client application at customer's end to upload documents to the document management server

  • Automatic scheduling of upload of documents

  • At the central server, OCR or business rules can be used to route documents

  • File viewers are integrated to provide agents with a user friendly interface to process the documents

  • Customers can access the system and check the status of documents

  • Quality Control and Supervisor roles are predefined

Some of our prestigious customers


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