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Engineering & Construction


How to ensure that…

…all the 15 (sub) contractors involved use the same plans?

…we create a manual for our customer with all the building specs in it?

…all the necessary approvals have been collected and stored?


ViciDocs ECM allows all kinds of documents related to projects to be kept in a single, central location. Instead of searching filing cabinets, fax machines, e-mail servers, lengthy paper reports, and desktop hard drives it can be retrieved with a few keystrokes. ViciDocs ECM also ensures that the documents are backed up for safety which is not possible in paper records.


For engineering and construction companies ViciDocs ECM can automate processes relating to sales, production management, purchasing, customer service, accounting etc. Key benefits include:


Improve communication with customers, vendors etc. for better project management

Reduce possibility of errors or oversights by communicating appropriate installation procedures, change orders and other data 

Automate process for payment to subcontractors and suppliers 

Validate vendor contracts and proof of insurance, reducing liability 

Protect business-critical documents

Some of our prestigious customers


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