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Over the last decade and a half Vicisoft has helped a big variety of companies to conquer their information management challenges. Our customer base is spread out over 4 continents and covers the whole range from midsize to multinationals. 


Read for yourself what the experience is of our customers by downloading some of the testimonials



“Retrieving a specific case from out of the mountains of paper was not only becoming time consuming and difficult, it was soon turning out to be a health hazard in itself. We needed a System for quicker, safer and reliable archival and retrieval of medical records and other documents. ViciDocs fitted nicely into this scheme with its powerful capture and search modules and its ability to integrate with external applications”.


Mr Ramakrishna Kalaga, a Senior Vice President at CDR Group 



"ViciDocs BPO implementation has been central to our offshore Accounting BPO process. With features for automatic upload of invoices/vouchers from disparate locations spread across the globe; automatic routing of vouchers based on client name in the vouchers and web based workflow for data entry and verification and most of all elaborate security settings -- ViciDocs BPO addressed all the concerns that our partners and Clients in USA had about the processing issues"


Krishna Bhat, Managing Director, Daksha Info Services, India



"We implemented ViciDocs as part of a large Government KM portal that provides lot of useful information to its member companies located in SIngapore. This was a complete web based implementation and required integration of ViciDocs into the portal. The project goal was to share knowledge on IQCs comprising best practices, tools & resources and transfer these to the industries to raise productivity. Implementation of ViciDocs Enterprise as a web based Knowledge Management tool in combination with other KM components like Discussion Forum achieved exactly that. The integration was absolutely seamless with the powerful Search and retrieve modules integrated in addition to certain custom-built content management features."


Vasudev Gopalan, Managing Director, Comtel Solutions Pte Ltd, Singapore



"We implemented ViciDocs Enterprise DMS to make the reference to any Circulars and any past internal correspondence computerized. ViciDocs DMS was extremely useful in converting circulars and correspondence in paper form to electronic form and in making them available through various types of search across our Intranet. When this gets rolled out to all branches within our circle, lot of physical movement of circulars by courier that takes place currently can be avoided resulting in significant time and cost savings for the Bank".


Satyanarayana, AGM BP-P&I, Local Head Office, State Bank of India, Hyderabad.



"Implementation of ViciDocs Enterprise has cut the total leadtime of our daily news clip tracking and reporting by more than 50%. The best part was the flexibility in ViciDocs to add specific modules for News item clipping (from scanned newspapers) and having pre-defined, customized index data as per our business requirements. We are now able to capture the news coverage across 15 different locations on a daily basis; categorize the clips and provide highly informative reports to customers in a matter of few hours in the morning which was a significant improvement over the largely manual and time-taking process that existed before."


Deepak Aneja, CEO - Integrated Media Monitoring & Analysis, a Division of Perfect Relations-India's largest PR Agency.



"After implementing Vicidocs, we have digitized more than 10000 project theses. Students as well as faculty can now access these literally at the click of a button in electronic form.  No more waiting time at the library counter and finding theses on any given topic has never been easier!!!"


Dr. C Sugunavathy, Asst Professor & Librarian, ANGR Agricultural University, India

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