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Transport & Logistics


Where is the proof of delivery note of that parcel delivered 3 weeks ago?

What are the agreed pricing and delivery terms of that customer?

Why is that container not cleared yet?


Do you recognise these situations? If so you know how long and frustrating it can be to find the right information. The logistic industry has to deal with a lot of documents for clearing, pick-up & delivery, customer records, agreements, receipts, invoices etc. How to organise the document flow in order to free-up employee time, increase customer satisfaction and work more standardised.


At Vicisoft we are specialists in the field of information management and Document Management Solutions (DMS). Our solutions support your organisation in capturing (scanning or extracting), centrally storing and secured sharing from documents within your organisation or with your customers.


The Vicisoft solutions can also be used internally in your organisation, for example to keep track of deliveries, customer requests and incident/ accident reports.  We can offer both in-premise and cloud based implementation to suit your needs.

Some of our prestigious customers


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