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ViciFlow BPM


ViciFlow is our comprehensive and intuitive business process management solution that automates business processes that involve routing of documents and forms across different users for review and actions. The solution includes a process modeling application which has immense flexibility to design new and modify existing processes.


The web-based workflow application enables users to view, review and take specific actions on documents or e-Forms received through the workflow.

Key benefits

#1: Reduce operational costs


#2: Increase process transparency


#3: Increase collaboration


#4: Promote business efficiency


#5: Maximally exploit employee potential

How it works

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Case studies

FCI Limited


NAPSA Zambia


Topaz Engineering


ViciFlow BPM - Product Overview


ViciFlow BPM - Solution Diagram


ViciFlow BPM - Feature List 


ViciFlow BPM - Optimise your organisation

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